Teenager sells his app for $18 million by KaiYi

Summary: A teenager from London sold his app company to Yahoo for an estimated $18 million. He did not expect to make a profit as tinkering with apps was only his hobby. He made films when he was nine and started programming when he was 12. He then released his first app, Fingermill. He is very organised. He wants to get into Oxford University, so he studies for his A levels while working in Yahoo's Soho offices. His app, Summly, has gotten more than 200,000 downloads.

Opinion: I respect Nick greatly. He has achieved a lot even at a young age. For example, he has earned a profit of approximately $18 million only from his hobby and he is clearly doing well in school. He also manages his time really well as he can work with Yahoo and study for his A levels at the same time. He is very talented.