China officials caught spray-painting green grass By Lim Jie Min

Summary:China officials sprayed the grassy verges of the city's roads with a fluorescent green spray. It is said that the officials did it to cheer up their city's appearance. The irony is that the makers said that there were no nutrients in this green spray but the government  officials, said that there are nutrients in the green spray. Citizens think that the government should use the money to build schools instead of buying this green sprays for the grass.

Opinion:I think that dying the grass green is not as important as building schools,because the dying is only a temporary solution,but building a school will help to educate more children,which means they will get better jobs, which will help to improve the economy.I think that the china government should find a permanent solution, they should not only think of getting temporary solutions.They should also get the opinion of their citizens before doing such things as the citizens might have a better idea.