Youths design experiential anti-drug abuse exhibition

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Five Singapore Polytechnic students worked with the Central Narcotics Bureau(CNB) and the National Council Against Drug Abuse(NCADA) to organise an anti drugs exibition at Bugis Shopping Mall. There are a lot of activities, which starts by introducing a character called Sam, who is addicted to drugs. Secondly, visitors will get to "fatal vision goggles" to see the sight of drug-addicts. Thirdly visitors will go through a dark room with flashing lights  to experience the side effect of drugs. Last but not least, visitors will see Sam being arrested and thrown into jail. There are also booths with games which people can play for free. One of them is "Hunt the Druggies".

In my opinion, this activity is very useful especially to those who had the potential of taking drugs. I feel that more and more teenagers take drugs just to reduce stress, but they got either caught by the police or killed by the drug in the end. I believe that it is ery hard to quit drug addiction.