Hero Teen Chases Car on Bicycle for 15 Minutes; Rescues 5-Year-Old Girl From Abductor

               A 15 year old teenager rescued a five year old girl that was missing. He was actually  helping helping a friend to move a couch when a man approached them and ask if they seen that missing girl. The boy realised that he police were searching for the girl too. Then, he saw a maroon vehicle that were avoiding a group of police. When the car drove nearer to him, he took a peek to see if the girl was in the car. The driver immediately found out that he was caught red handed for abducting, he threw the girl out and fled the scene.
            I think the boy was very brave to peek into the car. If the abductor is a violet one, the 15 year old boy might be injured and the girl might not had been thrown out of the car.