Racial Harmony by Mei Hua

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We should not take racial harmony for granted.The peace and harmony that we enjoy today are actually through concerted effort of all Singaporeans who strongly believe that we should have our rights in this small country which is only a dot on the map.We are supposed to continue to to remain cautious and guard against any undesirable elements that will cause us to break apart and increase our hatred among each other.It is also not by chance that we are living together,it is only because of one reason which is our strong political will to make our country one people and one nation.Not by words but by actions.It is important that children nowadays to be inculcate with a sense of racial togetherness so that they will grow up responsible and civilized adult.

I agree to the statement which state that we should not take racial harmony for granted.this is because we did not take our peace and harmony living today easily.We had gone through thick and thin before we have a well maintained society with riot between different races.The Maria Hertogh riot that we had in the 1950s is quite a hard time for everyone especially the Chinese and Malays.Through this riot,that we learn how to be resilient and resourceful.We have also learnt how to communicate with each other from different races.Despite having a hard time through the riot,I deeply believe that the Singaporeans that time benefitted greatly by learning that racial harmony cannot be taken for granted.Therefore,till today we still try to maintain a harmonious country and try to prevent the history from happening again.