good parenting by LeeYu

              Recently, children have been sleeping past their bedtime and studying for tests at the last minute. However, what a parent can do is to keep their eyes opened. Try to help the child when you see that they are unhappy or upset. Do not get distracted by your work and not approach the child to ask what happened.
Secondly, develop a working relationship with teachers. This helps as the parent can understand how well is their child doing in school. Thirdly, work on social skills. School is not only about the studies but it is also about the relationship with friends. Next, teach the child on how to be independent. Lastly, communicate with the child to know about them.
            In my opinion, good parenting is very important as it will affect the child future. Parents should spend more time with their child to get to know them better and understand the problems they have met. They should teach their child on how to solve the problems they have met on their own.