Honour killings by Wenchen

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Honour killing is the killing of a family member who has brought dishonour to the family, such as marrying against the family's wishes and defying  the family's rules. so as to preserve the family's honour.  Honour killing is illegal.  There are around 5000 cases of honour killing annually, most of the victims are women and this has provoked many protests. The idea of honour killing is a tribal custom.

In my opinion, I feel that honor killing does not really help to preserve the family's honor and is very brutal. Honor killing must stop. I believe that parents cannot kill their own children just because they had done something against their will. It is also considered as murder, a very serious offence. I think that a heavier sentence should be given to parents who had done honor killing on their children. Ms Begum says "Honor killings" should be prosecuted as murder without exceptions".  I agree to what Ms Begum said.