NDP rally by Zhi Hao

NDP Rally

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In this National Day Parade Rally 2014 by Lee Hsien Loong, Mr Lee mentioned that how he first met Encik Yusof Ishak, our first President and he will be honouring him by three ways. Also, he introduced the Pioneer Generation Card which will be helping the elderly and the older generation. He mentioned how his older colleagues teamed and build off extraordinary things that had helped and pushed Singapore till today and also retirement needs and assurance.


In my opinion, I feel that this rally really helped residents to knowing their future and needs. For example, in the rally Mr Lee mentioned that people who are in the age of 50 and above can apply for the pioneer generation package and also readjusting the CPF to $155,000 when a typical retiree is retired at an age of 55. This greatly helps the residents in making them have an easy future, not only for themselves but also their children
NDP Rally Blog By Zhi Hao