year 2014 news review by meihua

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The Ebola outbreak began in Guinea and started spreading to neighbouring countries of south Africa. The Ebola virus is a deadly disease that can spread through direct contact with body fluids. For handling of people who have Ebola, nurses and doctors have to wear a material suit which protect the whole body from being in contact with the infected person. The world health organisation started to help when they found that this Ebola matter is pretty serious as it kills thousands of people in a few months in developing countries in South Africa. It took months for the severity to sink in with the people of different countries working together to overcome this obstacle as well as the US developing a new vaccine in this short period of time.


Flight MH370,carrying around 240 people departed from kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 7.The aircraft was reported missing after five hours.With the hopes of families and other passengers began to fade as the authorities cannot locate the missing airline after several months of hard work, the malaysia airlines became the ninth highest global spike.Mh370 peaked again after a few locals said to have seen a low flying jet near the Indian ocean.However, the plane still cannot be found till today,leaving the heartbroken family members behind to remember their love ones.