Year 2014 news review by meihua

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ALS( Ice Bucket Challenge)

The term ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,which is a kind of disease that damages the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord causing people to lose their ability to stand and think. The ALS challenge is pioneered by Chris kennedy which encourages people to get a feel of what is it like to have the disease ALS by pouring cold water over their heads and make a donation and nominate friends to do it within 24 hours.Public awareness of ALS increased rapidly after famous celebrity such as Bill Gates and lady Gaga help to break the ice. It is amazing to know how a bucket of ice, a mobile phone and people can achieve in a short period of time.

Flappy Bird Obsession 

Flappy bird was a game that was made in the weekends and topped as the most popular and most expensive one in history.In fact, it was the highest gaming release in was developed in vietnam by Dong Nguyen .It popularity surged in february last year when the developer took the game offline due to feeling guilty over it addictive nature.It was very popular during the days last year in 2014 when everyone tends to have that game in their phone for a period of time. "when games play well, they don't age, whatever their lack of gloss". This is especially true when there are evidence of simple games topping the chart in different years. In 2013, it was candy crush and Angry Bird whereas in 2014, it was flappy bird and 2048.These games seem simple to everyone but it still doesn't lack in popularity.