Year 2014 news (Ebola)

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The Ebola outbreak in 2014 is a devastating one, killing thousands to tens of thousands of people. It started in Guinea and then spread to neighboring countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone. It migrated as far as the United States and the United Kingdom. Many health workers selflessly attended to the infected and it cost them their lives after contracting the virus. Many people caught the virus due to traditional burial practices which involves touching the body. Recently, the efforts put in turned into a success as Ebola is slowing down.

I personally felt that people must stay alerted and informed so as to delay or stop the transmission of the virus. The people in Guinea were not very alerted as they did not quarantine the patients in the beginning, causing the virus to spread easily and soon out of control into neighboring countries. Even though Singapore is not a popular destination for West Africans, there is still a possibility for Ebola to enter the country, therefore we must take all the measures to greatly reduce the risk.