Digital Literacy ( T2W4 )by mei hua


The website of Digital Literacy uses the internet to educate online users about the importance of Digital Literacy-measures for prevention as well as the things that cause online shaming and bullying.There are videos and free material which allows one to understand more about the virtual world and to help us in our thoughts when we are using the internet for various reasons.


I personally feel that educating people of all age groups of the virtual world online is important as it ensures that there is a lower number of people who are going to suffer from online shaming and bullying as well as other forms of methods that hurts one's inner-self. Through Education, people will be able to understand and know better on how the virtual world works and start to protect themselves online instead of being expose too much. With most of them knowing the consequences of their actions of posting unnecessary pictures or comments online, this will then lowers the rate of people suffering from shaming and bullying.Moreover, with education more people will tend to learn to empathize with the victim during the uproar.Thus, allowing the internet to soon become a safer and more friendly environment for users.