2015 News by meihua

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Out of 2015,there were many major events which happens throughout the year.Some were of horrifying occasions, some were of joyous occasions. Yet, for this year, there are more horrifying incidents which happens around the world compared to the joyous ones. The more horrifying incidents that occur in the year of 2015 includes the terrorist group, ISIS continuous bombings in Paris, Bangkok and mass murdering citizens from the Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and many other countries.Another incident that happen n 2015 is the South China Sea conflict. The tension between china and Japan have rose and that both countries have been prevented to go to war with the entrance of the United States of America(USA). In conjunction to the major bad incident in 2015, there were also some joyous occasion to celebrate. One of them is the Copenhagen conference held in Denmark. Almost all of the different countries' government around the world gathered at Denmark to discuss how carbon emissions could be reduced and how the global increase of temperature could be kept to 2 degree Celsius and below. This is a joyful thing to celebrate about as the countries managed to agreed on the amount of carbon emission each country can produced and has made progress to reduce global warming.


Personally, i feel that the year 2015 is a year in which people live dangerously as compared to the few previous years before. Although most of the terror in year 2015 comes from ISIS the Islamic terrorist group, most of the horror that we faced in 2015 can actually be reduced if everyone work together hand in hand to overcome the major problems. For instance, the refugees that came from the Middle East will not be that much if there were not conflicts between countries in Middle East and that the government of the Middle East countries has seriously taken care the well being of its people. By doing the above, the seriousness of the problem of refugees heading for shelter in Europe will be greatly reduced. Therefore, i feel that in order to reduce world conflict and tension, all the more should different countries work together and maintain collective security and peace around the world.