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News Items that are found Interesting


Died in March 2015, Mr Lee bear an age of 91. Mr Lee took great responsibility of his job as the First Prime Minister. People knew that he was always there and what were his thoughts. Mr Lee, in his private life, only gave academic advices to the children, but left the decisions to themselves. Mr Lee felt that it was their responsibility to figure out what does their future look like. All in all, Mr Lee had been a caring and humble father for both Singapore and his private family. Although he had the authority in the past, he did not tried to show off, but instead became more and more understanding and pass on to Mr Lee Hsien Loong as the Prime Minister as soon as he felt so.

In my opinion, I feel that Singapore is one of the most lucky country to have Mr Lee as the first Prime Minister. I feel that his passing meant a lot to us, when we found out how much he had changed the third world Singapore into a first world country. i feel that we should always remember him as a caring yet stern father of the nation and his family.