China officials caught dyeing grass! By Jun Hao

 Summary:  Cheng Du cheer up their city's appearance by dying their grass green with a chemical solution called Top Green Turf Greening Agent. The chemical is non-toxic and lasts for ten to 14 weeks and is not washed away by the rain, also turns the soil green. It also turns  resident’s shoes green. Even mountains have been painted green in order to seem verdant from the air. A resident suggested that they should use the money to build schools.
Opinion:  The dye would not stay forever and the government will have to waste money repainting ,the environment might be polluted. I feel that the government should use the money to build schools or house for the poor or donate to the charity. The spray might also kill the animals in the soil. If this could be done to every natural , the world will be just a worst place as every thing is fake .