Students in Finland

                Students in Finland is believed that once the bell rings, the lesson is over. Thus, they would go outside and play with their friends instead of studying and revising their work. However, these does not apply to the 18-year-old students. After school, they would go home straight away and revise what their teachers had taught them in school. Unlike other students, these 18-year-old students do not have tuitions to help them with their school work. Their parents said that they need to rest before starting on their homework. The 
18-year-old students had six exam papers and the paper lasted for six hours. Handling six exams is not an easy task.

              I think that the 
18-year-old students had set a good example for the juniors in Finland. The juniors should not be playing around after school. They should learn from their seniors so that their standard of their work would not worsen. Even though the seniors are very hardworking, i think that they should at least take a break before starting on their revision.