hard to hire and keep such fine teachers

               Even if Singapore's quality of preschool teachers has improved, people still say that it is hard to find a teacher that has a bachelor's degree and is also studying for a Master's. A male teacher who has a degree and could earn more money while working his marketing job, chose to teach a preschool. The reason for that is because of his child. After having a one-year-old son, he began to enjoy communicating with children. Honestly, the pay for working in the preschool is low for a person with a bachelor's degree. However, this male teacher is willing to give up his marketing job. Thus, it is hard to find such a teacher. 

            In my opinion, such a teacher is so hard to find, especially in Singapore. Noramally, people who had a bachelor's degree will work a job which will earn them more money than working in the preschool. It is so rare for a person with such a high academic, working in the preschool.