Students to take NAPFA test in alternate years from 2014

Summary:In 2014, students in certain level will take the NAPFA test,those in primary 4 and 6, sceondary 2 and 4 and those in year 2 in junior college.More activities can be organised by the school to replace the Napfa test.These way students will get to participate activities instead of having Napfa every year.Most of the times PE is a very short period of time, and fun activities may be organised by the school to allow the students to have fun.

Options:I think it is a good idea to allow certain levels to have NAPFA because it gives the students some time to prepare for the test before taking it.They will also get to have more fun activities that way and learn how to enjoy PE lessons more.Grades are also replaced as "Needs improvement" so that students don't get embarassed if they really did a bad job.