Teen saved more than three dozen of students from car accident

Summary : Seventeen-year-old Graceann Rumer took over the steering wheel of her school bus after the driver fell to the ground with a heart attack, maneuvered it to safety, and saved her schoolmates from a fatal accident. The bus, carrying more than three dozen students from Philadelphia's Calvary Christian Academy, was heading towards oncoming traffic, NBC Philadelphia reports. "I just realized that there's no one driving this bus, I need to do something," Rumer told NBC Philadelphia. Since the unconscious driver, 51-year-old Charles Duncan, was blocking the brake pedal, Rumer couldn't get to it. But she still managed to steer the bus into a ditch and safely off the road. The bus driver later died in hospital. "I've been taking driver's education, so that worked out well," said Rumer. Opinion : I think that Rumer was very brave as she was not shocked about what happened and instead did something that saved her schoolmates in that frantic situation. I think she is a good role model to everyone.