parenting probelm children by jun hao

                      It's not easy for parents to admit their son is the one causing trouble, and can be even harder to reconcile when the child is well behaved at home. It's a natural impulse to defend kids, especially when you didn't actually see what happened, and want to help them argue their way out of trouble -- whether that's after-school detention or a speeding ticket. It's also natural for parents to want to intervene when their troublemaker finds himself an outcast among friends, as many often do. Be honest with yourself about your son's behavior. Your job is to be his champion, but not his defender when he's behaved inappropriately. The best results come when parents can work with, and not against, teachers. When your son acts out at home or in school, don't just tell him what he did wrong. Have him tell you  and then talk together about why that behavior was unacceptable.
                        In my opinion,  parenting a problem children is not difficult. Parents should make it clear from the start what is right and what is wrong. Parents must make sure children do not commit the mistake and if they do it a second time, they should be punished. As long as the parent is patient and do not give up, I am sure the child will change for the better.