twenty first century competencies by meihua

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The government has release an information sheet on the twenty first century competencies and the student outcome after developing.There are five social and emotional competencies--they are self awareness,social awareness, relationship management,responsible decision making and as well as self management.They all come round as a skill that a child need to posses before they go to their working life.Firstly,they must learn to manage themselves and then they will follow  on to manage others around them and lastly help to manage the society.This is the way that the government try to bring out the best in every child so that Singapore will continue to improve further into a globalisation country.


I think that the government has made their effort in implementing this framework to the students in Singapore.However,i must say that the students must try to do their part so as to let Singapore progress into a better country.Most student do not do make an effort to do the values in the framework.For example,in our school,the principal has spoke to us many times that the five social and emotional competencies are important for us in our working life in the future.However,not many students use it and some of my classmates even badmouth about it. Therefore,i think that the ministry of  education should try to communicate with the parents of students to try to bring this values into the homes of students.I am sure that this will have a better outcome. All in all,i hope that the students can make an effort to use this in their daily lives and lets hope that Singapore will become a better country in a few years time.