Improving welfare of Singapore migrant workers by jun hao

                                   Crafting labour policies for low-skilled foreign workers is challenging. Moral and economic imperatives do not necessarily coincide. Overseas employment agencies are believed to play a considerable role in the employment of many foreign workers. There is a risk that these agencies might present a distorted image of working conditions and charge exorbitant fees for their services. Some workers have been known to work for long periods just to pay off the agency fees. Because of the high fees, many workers are beholden to their employers. With electronic payment, steps can be taken to allow workers to immediately remit a share of their income to their loved ones. This would encourage greater fiscal discipline, limiting the possibility of workers spending large amounts of money on gambling and excessive alcohol consumption.
             In my opinion, we should treat the foreign well as it is very important. If we do not treat them well, they will not be able to concentrate on their work causing dangerous things to happen. They might not be able to take the stress and want to return back to their countries.