Concern over Singapore's 'instant noodle generation' by KaiYi

Summary: Singapore's teenagers are becoming very inactive because they are very pampered.The attitude among Singapore's first generation born into widespread wealth is causing public hand wringing. Prime minister, Goh Chok Tong believes that Singapore youth should rediscover some of the self-reliant spirit of earlier generations and learn to be like them. In this generation, one in seven families in Singapore has a foreign maid, and a survey showed that Singapore youth rate themselves 7 out of 10 with 10 being most dependent. Even worse, lining Orchard Road are plazas devoted entirely to teenagers, crammed with food courts, video arcades and even spas. Children nowadays are very spoilt.

Opinion: I feel that the government should do something about the Singapore youth becoming very spoilt. Singapore youth being spoilt will affect them physically and mentally. An example is that because now that nearly all Singapore youth get whatever they want, they will want to stay at home for gaming and such instead of going out regularly, like the youth of earlier generations. Singapore's youth will become completely useless one day in the future if no action is taken to make them not-spoilt.