Summary:Concern over Singapore's 'instant-noodle generation'

SUMMARY:Parents nowadays, have pampered their children too much.Some of them do not even know how to make their bed, clean their room, iron their uniforms or straighten their shoes.Whatever that they need or ask for is given to them.One of the reason why they are so pampered is because they have a maid at their beck and call.Most of them are very dependent on their maids, they are not self-reliant.Teenagers must rediscover the self-reliant spirit of their earlier generation.Although teenagers in this current generation are very dependent,they are also very hardworking in their studies, thus they receive good results.Another reason why they are pampered is because when they achieve good results, they are rewarded well and end up getting pampered.

OPINION:We always say we get pampered because we have maids, but our parents hire maids for the purpose of cleaning up the house and taking care of us.But when they say take care, they mean that the maid is to ensure that the children will be in no danger or in any harms way. But children tend to get the wrong idea and think that a maid is someone hired to serve them, a maid and a servant is a different thing,but many of us think that a maid and a servant is the same thing, thus they order around their maid around and that is how they get pampered. I think that every parent must tell their children that they hired a maid for the purpose of cleaning up the house and ensuring their safety, so that the children will not get pampered by their maids.