Post PSLE book-burning photo inflames netizens


     Families with kids who have taken their Primary School Leaving Exams are relieved that it is finally over. However, some people celebrated by setting their PSLE books on fire. A picture of children and kids burning PSLE books caused a commotion on the internet after being shared online. People said that this shows how stressed these kids are and what kind of mindset they have. It is worse that they're parents are encouraging them. These books should have been donated to needy children instead of burning them.


     I think that these children and adults should not burn the PSLE books. Even though they are stressed upon the important exam, they should not have burned the books. These parents should also know that what they are doing is wrong. They should not encourage their children to burn PSLE books as they may influence their child to think that it is okay to burn the books. Instead, they should have donated the books to other needy children.