Summary:Education is important as it decides the future for everyone.People work hard in studies so that they can have bright future next time.But recent news about parents asking their children to burn their books after PSLE attracted a lot of attention from people.The parents are setting a bad role model for their children and by burning by books means that they hate studying.They may think it is funny but they should not burn the books.The books may even help their children in future if they happen to forget some stuff.

Opinion:I think they should not burn their books.They could have donate it to someone if they didnt want their books.Even though they wanted to express their joy that psle is over they should  express it in another way,not burning the books.It shows how much hatred is involved in studies.In conclusion,no matter how much you hate studies,never follow the parents asking their children to burn their books.It goes to show they disrespect studying.