Post-PSLE book-burning photo inflames netizens By Kai Yi

Summary: Many people were relieved after the PSLE but some people celebrated by burning books. A photo of parents and children burning PSLE books were taken. Netizens accused them of degrading knowledge and education, and others questioned why the books were not given to the needy. However, some people felt sad for them as they believed that the children are very stressed and does not see exams as part of their learning journey.(72 words)

Opinion: I do not think that it is right for the parents and children to burn the PSLE books. I agree with many of the netizens that burning the PSLE books is indeed the degradation of knowledge and education. It is also a waste as the books can be given to the poor. I do not feel sad for the children as the PSLE is a very important to their lives and they must overcome it, however stressful they become.