Online game firms need to do more to prevent addiction say researchers

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This news article is about online game firms doing more research to prevent game addictsions. Researches confirmed that some addicts spend up to 90 hours per gaming sessions. Gaming companies sent out warning messages, saying that they can track the percentage of over-users.
They also need to modify the game and remove the addictive stuff in the game. Dr Jo Twist from the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment said that gamers should take a reular break every 45 to 60 minutes when playing computer games.

In my opinion, being addicted to computer games is no good. It can cause health problems like short-sights. I am very shocked to find people playing computer games for as long as 90 hours. I think that some games contains mysteries, thus people who play these games will get addicted so as to solve the mystery. It takes several measures to prevent computer addiction. I agree to what Dr Jo mentioned. Regular breaks should be taken.