Should Singapore's School System Be Model for West?

Summary:For more than a decade, Singapore's schools have been near the top of international league tables.Singapore education system has been unique as compared to other countries.the logic of Singapore education teaching is that Singapore’s institutional arrangements is characterized by a prescribed national curriculum and  Singapore’s instructional regime and institutional arrangements are also supported by a range of cultural orientations that underwrites, sanctions and reproduces the instructional regime.This includes a broad commitment to a nation-building narrative of meritocratic achievement and social stratification, ethnic pluralism, collective values and social cohesion, a strong, activist state and economic growth.Therefore, allowing Singapore's education to prosper and be a better teaching environment compared to other countries.

Opinion:I think that Singapore's school system modelling for the West is not the main point.Rather, i think that we should continue our hard work that has paid off in having a good education environment and continue to progress in the world in the future, making Singapore a much more better environment as it is before.