Parenting by meihua

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parents are targeted to get parenting tips form several experts by the Ministry Of Education(MOE).It was aimed to address issues such as children throwing tantrums as well as to improve the parenting skills of some parents.There will be two parenting programmes called Pilot Schemes and Triple P,both of them are backed up by years of research,having helped parents to grow in confidence and better managed their children's behaviour.Both parenting programmes will be introduced to both the primary and the secondary schools and it is encouraging parents to attend the talk or sessions provided by the two programmes so as to developed a better communication skill with their children as well as to know how to help their children when they meet any difficulties in school or at anywhere else.

I think that these parenting programme will actually help the parents a lot especially those parents who have communication skills problem with their children.This will help them by allowing the parent-child relationship to improve and also to allow the parents to know more about their children so that they could communicate with them well.Also,i think that the government should introduced more of these kinds of programmes especially for the secondary schools students as most children during secondary schools will become more rebellious and mischievous,allowing the parents to not know how to control them.Thus, through these programmes, the parents will know more about parenting skills so as to establish a more closer relationship with their children.