Teen volunteers by meihua

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Having parents in jail for children is a difficult thing to cope with.Therefore, a ITE College East student introduce two new initiatives under the Kids In Play (KIP) programme for children with parents in prison.One initiative is a peer mentoring programme. Students that volunteer can try to share with other teens separated from their parents how to cope in such a situation.The second initiative is a befriending programme called Journey With Me,which involves adult volunteers befriending and supporting younger children.this programme aims to reach out and help the children with parents in jail to overcome the difficulties they face.After all,getting people to do social service for people in need,really touch the lives of people.


I think that having this kind of ideas for children with parents in jail are good.however,there are some problems that the government or the other people working in the jail might faced.In such a society today, i think that there will be not enough people who are willing to volunteer to help out the children in the programme.Most people nowadays i would say have became more self centred and would not have a sense of caring for others who are in need.This can lead to our downfall.I hope that the government could do more to encourage people to give their help and support to the others in need when they are free so as to allow the society in Singapore to become a better one for all of us.