bullying online by jun hao

Summary :
                  Sites like Ask.fm have experienced what can go wrong when behavior turns into dangerous bullying. Social networking sites have made cruelty and meanness public. Previously these acts were invisible, now they are at display to all. There are different views on what to do with this visibility. A negative message that is one-to-one might sting a little bit but at least you weren’t humiliated in front of a large audience. With these public apps, not only are kids humiliated in front of strangers, but they go to school and are humiliated there, too.

                 In my opinion, sites should ban those users that use vulgarities , make rude and mean remarks. This will ensure that  the users will not feel hurt and can use the sites with out worrying of any comments or rumours. Parents should also check on their child to see if they are being bullied online and try to help them. Children should also seek help once they have been bullied online so before it gets very serious.