bullying online by meihua

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There is a new application on social website called ask.fm.People often uses this application for hurting people online with negative comments.For this application,there are it's advantages and disadvantages.For example,an advantage of this application is that it allows oneself to ask questions online without being judge at.For bullying online,most teenagers have not develop emotionally therefore causing the offence of cyber bullying.Parents can actually try to communicate with their children about bullying to reduce the number of online bullying.


I think that schools can actually try to conduct talks on cyber wellness for students so that students can know the consequences of bullying online.Also, at homes, parents can actually communicate more with their child and learn about the usual things that the child do online like for example playing online games,what kinds of games did they play and so on.This can allow the parents to know if their child has been bullied online or is bullying others online.Sites can also ban users from using negative comments on people.For instance,the use of vulgarities and mean remarks.This actions that are use can actually prevent or reduce the number of victims of online bullying.Everyone should try to do their part in preventing online bullying so as to make our society a better place for everyone.