honour killing by jun hao

                    Honour killing is the killing of a member of a family who is perceived to have brought dishonour upon relatives. Pressure group Human Rights Watch says the most common reasons are that the victim refuse to enter into an arranged marriage, the victim of a sexual assault or rape and had sexual relations outside marriage, even if only alleged. But killings can be carried out for more trivial reasons, like dressing in a way deemed inappropriate or displaying behaviour seen as disobedient. The killings are also more prevalent in disenfranchised or remote communities.A collective failure by the authorities to prosecute such crimes, and the tacit endorsement by local clerics, contribute to them being more accepted.
                 In my opinion, I think honour killing is very cruel and unfair. The reasons why they should be killed is ridiculous, and should be punished or for some, it is right for them. They should also have their own rights and the government should stop this immediately or the people in the country will suffer.