Singapore fertility by meihua

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Singapore productivity has focus the attention on key components to boost organisational performance which is known as innovation.Although many companies in Singapore has told employees about the importance of innovation but the companies have consciously or unconsciously put up barriers to innovation to prevent the company from improving.Barriers to innovation exists in the structure of the organisation or the mindset of leaders or within the culture itself."Diversity brings innovation and no idea is a bad idea" this concept should be implement in companies so as to encourage stuffs to innovate.


I think that innovation is very important in all kinds of work in our daily lives.For example, without innovation, our world today will never have a chance to become so technologically advanced and we will not have computers or smartphones to use. Therefore,seeing the importance of innovation,i hope that Singaporeans would take up the courage to try and innovate something useful for the society.Just as the saying goes,no idea is a bad idea,at least one put in the effort to think of something out of the box,it is better than to have no idea.With this,i hope that the future generations of Singapore could actually have the innovation to create a change in our human society.