Stay home mothers by meihua

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There is a recent rise in the number of stay at home mothers.This increase in stay at home mothers have actually reverse a long term decline in stay home mothers that had persisted for the last three decades of the 20th century.This turnaround may be driven by a mix of demographic ,economic and societal factors such as rising immigrants.


This rise in the number of stay at home mothers may be beneficial for some of the children.The mothers can spent more quality time with their kids and communicate with them to see if they need any help in their daily school work and so on.This can prevent the rise of teens committing crimes since they have the support they need from their family and they would not feel that they would have some sort been abandoned by their family members.This is both beneficial for the mothers and children despite having the mothers to put down their job.I All in all,i really support the choice that the mothers made to become a stay at home mother and i hope that this decision can improve or bond the relationship between their children and themselves.