Honour killing by meihua

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Honour killing is the killing of one family member who has brought shame to the family.Many cases of this has happen all over the world as many people have the idea that came from tribal customs that a murder can be honourable. This form of idea is mostly targeted at females in the country.


I think that honour killing is very disgusting and evil in the twenty first century today.Honour killing is a problem that should be resolved by the government from all countries over the world so as to prevent more lives from being lost through this belief that some families have.Government should enforce the law in their respective country so that honour killing will have a heavy consequences if any families did honour killing to their family members.I must also state that it is not honourable to kill.Even if you kill,it does not benefit anyone in the family at all.Therefor,i hope that the government from the countries in the world to actually control the people of having the thought of honour killing.