baby tech by jun hao

               A small device designed to be worn around the foot of an infant, which sends the data it gathers to an associated mobile app. The app will monitor the baby's heart rate oxygen levels position sleep patterns skin temperature. Hi-tech purchases like these come with a substantial price tag - $199 . And there are some who are concerned such manufacturers are playing on parental paranoia."First-time parents, who are at their most obsessive about safety, are the most susceptible to manufacturers' marketing and claims to be 'best for your child'," Katie O'Donovan, from parenting network Mumsnet, tells the BBC.This can lead to some expensive purchasing mistakes, she adds.

                In my opinion, parents do not have to spent so much for all this extra devices. The parents can just check in on their own or consult a doctor if needed. The parents can also seek help from their friends who have experience. Parents are just too anxious and nervous. This devices might also be bad for the baby.