Is the soil fertile for creativity by jun hao

                 Singapore’s drive for productivity has focused attention on a key component to boosting organisational performance — innovation. While companies espouse the importance of innovation, the truth of the matter is that many companies have, consciously or unconsciously, put up barriers to innovation. Some attribute the challenges that Asian — and, indeed, Singapore — companies face in adopting an innovative culture to the overarching influence of Confucian teachings and adherence to obedience, respect for authority, hierarchical structures and insistence on conformity, all of which seem to go against what are generally thought to be the catalysts for innovation.

            In my opinion, the Singapore soil is fertile for creativity. the aversion to and fear of failure could be another barrier to innovation. As long as Singaporean overcome this fear, that can definitely be more creative. Singapore has a lot of resources and so we definitely can be innovative and become successful.