MOE by meihua

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Though Singapore had a bad start for education,they gradually developed it to a good one through hard work.There are three main elements in which Singapore's education strive;they are bilingual policy,ability based streaming and emphasis on math and science.Other than this,Singapore's success in education consists of other reason such as great school management,education beyond books and many others.This makes learning more enriching and fun for students when they are learning in schools.It will much more or likely to continue its progress in years to come.Despite it is not easy but it is the best possible way in which teenagers can get the best future in the following years.


I agree that it is hard and difficult to actually start a good education in Singapore and the main elements which are mentioned in the passage are really important in developing both the character and the mind.Having to help the Singapore's teens,there are many ways in which the government has suggested and it can be seen from the many elements of Singapore's education system.I believe that without all those,Singapore would not have even become a shiny little red dot among the other countries in the world.With that,i would like to express my gratitude to the many members of the government who help to develop Singapore from a fishing village to a economically developed country.