Environment protection by meihua

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Forest species are coming under increasing pressure from human activities and climate changes,and will ultimately face the risk of extinction.Data shows that 86 countries in the world has insufficient awareness of the importance of forest genetic resources.Therefore,FAO launched a plan called global action plan to improve management of forest genetic resources in all parts of the world,trying to make an effort to allow different countries to know the importance of forest genetic resources.This constitutes a major step in building the information and knowledge based required for action towards better conservation and better management of the planet's precious genetic resources.


I think that the forest is a huge factor in the environment in the world today.Many animals in the animal kingdom live in the forest and without the forest as their homes,i believe that half of the animal will find it difficult to survive and may lead to a worse consequences such as a unstability in the ecosystem. Therefore, learning to manage the forest resources by lessening activities such as cutting down of trees for other purposes can make a difference to the forest.So,lets work hand in hand to protect the forest today.