Problem child

              This news article talks about parenting issues. At first, Jill was recalling when her son, Ben, was first called to the principle's office for pushing a child onto the floor and encouraging others to kick him. Ben was punished and he started to behave well at home. It is however hard to change the child reputation, for example many called him a troublemaker. Many parents will try to defend their child as they did not see what their child did. However, that is normal. There are ways to prevent children getting labelled as troublemaker too. For example, cooperating and be specific to the child, let things go and never give up.
            I think that having a 'troublemaker' child is actually hard for the parents. It is very sad to see their child getting left alone because other children scared to be in trouble when they play with him. The parents have to spend time guiding him and teaching him in order not to get nasty reputation for him.