Baby technology by meihua

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Nowadays,technology has become an important part in our lives.This also affects the relationship between parents and child as technology is taking over the role of parents.Till today,there are many baby products made using technology.For example, Carkoon is a child seat that triggers a cocoon-like shield for the child in case of a collision.An ultimate wipes warmer that promises to heat the disposable damp baby cloths without drying them.Although many parents do not agree with this development of technology,companies are taking a small step every time to win them over.Despite having the fact that some children may become a coding genius at a young age,it is also a source of harm to the child because they do not learn to communicate well with others and this may lead to more serious problems developing in the society.


I think that technology has become an unstoppable force in which they develop very fast.This may cause certain problems in the society in the years to come.Problems like not being able to move their heads up and down due to consistent looking on phones that made the bones developing in them to become stiff may become a common problem in society in the upcoming years.Therefore,we should actually learn the importance of family bonding in homes or in school so as to explain to children that communication skills is actually every important.Also,parents can also restrict their child from using too much Internet for entertainment as it can hurt their eyes and also lessen the communication between their friends and family members.All in all,technology has both disadvantages and advantages and i hope that the society today will make an effort to reduce the use of any technology resources for all types of purpose as using too much is also not beneficial for anyone.