protect genetic biodiversity

Protect Genetic Biodiversity

Sean kwang   ^_^

Summary -

Human activities such as deforestation and global warming may cause the plant species in the forest to be extinct. From the data, 86 countries in this world does not have any awareness about the importance of natural resources.This caused FAO to launch this plan called global action plan. This is to improve management of forest genetic resources in all parts of the world,trying to allow people from continents to understand the importance of the genetic biodiversity.

Opinion -

People have been harming the world's forest with human activities such as deforestation just to get more land for the country or to get natural fertilisers for crops. Animals greatly on the forest as they build their homes in it. I personally think that having this plan, is a very good idea. As with this plan of trying to raise awareness of the importance of genetic biodiversities people will try their best to help in saving biodiversity. That will also increase their knowledge.