Environment by meihua

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There is a research being conducted to question if whether the Atlantic Ocean has stalled the global warming process.Temperature of the Earth surface are not rising as fast as they did in the 1990s even though the amount of heat trapping greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are rising steadily.This sight has sparked off a search for the missing atmospheric heat.They found that warm temperatures penetrated much deeper in the Atlantic Ocean and in the waters surrounding Antarctica.This heat storage in the deep Atlantic Ocean is what that pauses the rate of rising surface temperatures globally.


In my opinion, whether the Atlantic Ocean stalled global warming or not is not important but the surface temperature of Earth will still rise to a much higher temperature that we could not stand;it is only the fact that it will take a longer time.People in modern countries have very much been using technology too much that it causes pollution be it to the land,water or the air in the atmosphere.For example,the plastic bag that we use is not decomposable and thereby it causes land pollution due to burying plastic bags in the soil and wait for a thousand years for it to be decompose.i think that people around the world should be more conservative and out in our effort to save the earth help global warming.Only man can save the world since it is man who started it first. In conclusion, i hope that everyone could do our part in making the world a better place for us to live in and learn to adapt to the environment and not making the environment adapt to us.