Values In Action by Sean

Value In Action

VIA speech


To let students focus more in acquiring values MOE decided to turn CIP to VIA (Values In Action). There are two main key features of VIA                programmes, which is emphasising in the new Character and Citizenship Education curriculum. Firstly, schools will give students choices in identifying community issues that they are concerned about, and proposing actions to bring improvements in the community, together with their peers. Secondly,  schools will set aside curriculum time for students to evaluate on what they have learnt in their experiences. These two things will make the VIA experiences more meaningful, so that students are more likely to continue their involvement in the community, even after they have left school.


VIA is very meaningful to students. This will help students build a strong social responsibility. This will also help them bond with their friends and they can also learn lessons like 'sharing is caring', 'save the environment' and many more. Schools will give the students a form to evaluate on what they feel about the activity. There are many activities that the students can do only if they are involved, like going to beaches just to pick rubbish. Therefore this will allow the students to be prepare for future activities, future challenges.