national day rally speech by meihua

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There is one part of prime minister Lee Hsien Loong speech that mention the part on assure in retirement for the old people.the housing in Singapore is like a treasure to the different families and individuals Singaporeans thus the government has decided to increase the value of CPF( central provident fund) to $155,000 for those who are turning 55 this year.This CPF pays one a string of income for a lifetime after one retire and therefore is important to the retired working population in the society. Not only this, there are several others policies that he implemented to help Singaporeans to face the advancing fast paced technological incline country at this age.


I think that the government is having a good choice and good thought in thinking to implementing the CPF policy in Singapore. It do helps a lot in the survival of retired age working population to continue their life without having the worry about how they live. For example, there are lesser cases reported in the news that old people have a lack of money to support themselves in their old age and has to come to the society to work for money.This type of cases  have greatly lessen since the CPF is implemented and it enables retired people to be able to live happily to enjoy their life through their money saved. hence, we could say that the government places the life and well being of the people as a priority when developing Singapore into a better country:)