NDP speech by jun hao


                  Jurong used to be swamps. W e also built Jurong Lake and the Chinese Gardens and the Japanese Gardens and we have been upgrading Jurong over the years, recently as Jurong Lake District in 2008.  Well, you can connect Jurong, this by the way is Jurong East MRT Station which I showed you just now - just so you can orientate yourself. But what can you do? You can connect up the gardens to our park connector network island-wide. So that you can walk there from many places. You can connect it up to our ABC Waters Programme, up and down the Jurong River. You can have housing around the gardens. There is already housing around it, you can see the dark orange pieces - we are going to build more further north like here. Further south there are these purple bits, which are currently industrial plots

                I think that upgrading and improving Jurong is a very wise choice. It will allow residents in Jurong to enjoy such facilities and enjoyments. They would also be grateful to the country and will work hard to help contribute to the country more.  Improving Jurong will also attract more tourist to come and see how Jurong have changed amazingly over the years and learn.