NDP Rally 2014 (fishball stick)

2014 NDP Rally


At one point of the speech Mr Lee said that Singapore agencies should learn to help each other, like know each others points and putting them to use.

He also added that one of the residents spotted a fishball stick at the walkway beside the road and reported. The next day it was still there. So Mr Lee said 'on the left of the walkway is a slope. The slope belongs to NEA. In the middle, this is a park connector which belongs to NParks. On the right-hand side is a pavement. Pavement is next to the road, road comes under LTA. So the fishball stick was on the road side and the road side was only cleared every two days because each of the organisations had their own cleaner, own schedules and they did it separately. So I do not think it makes a lot of sense and everybody has agreed and we have resolved this case. From now on, NEA is in charge of all three sectors.' 


I think that Singapore is a very green city, which result by the help of all Singaporeans. For the particular case that Mr Lee mentioned, i think that the resident that saw the fishball stick could just pick up the fishball stick and throw it into the rubbish bin near her instead of complaining. It is scheduled that certain agencies will be cleaning up on certain days, even if she complained will the agency specially push the cleaning day just for one fishball stick? No.