Values in action(VIA) by meihua

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The priorities of the Ministry Of Education(MOE) has been to teach students about values and character so as to prepare them for the 21st century.MOE will seek its goals in the CCE(character and citizenship education)framework comprising of various initiatives and will be set up next year.Not only that,MOE will be reviewing current schemes to make sure it places greater emphasis on holistic and balanced participation rather than students achievement.Students will need personal values and moral values to be a socially responsible person in the society in the future and having the citizenship will allow students to be able to overcome crisis that happen from time to time. Engaging parents do help in instilling values into students. Lastly, studying and the cultivation of values in a being does not only occur in the school but also the outside environment.

I think that the government has made the right choices when talking about education.Singapore is known for their education throughout the world and many immigrants came to Singapore just to give their child a better studying opportunity. Having the VIA programmes benefits students greatly as it help to develop one character and behaviour when students come into the working society.It allows them to communicate well with their colleagues and to allow them to have a better win if they decide to take on a job overseas as compared to the others. Hence, i think that it is important to learn some skills and values so as to be a socially responsible person that can work together with others to prevent or face crisis together from time to time such that Singapore has become a whole.